3 FREE Effective Content Marketing Strategies With Affiliate Marketing!

Your Content Marketing Strategy Determines Your Affiliate Sales!

Top Content Marketing Strategies for Affiliate Sales Online!

Free Content Marketing Strategies For Affiliate Marketing!

There are literally hundreds of different content marketing strategies that work rather well with affiliate marketing.

But not all those effective content marketing strategies are free.

Therefore, we will cover 3 of the best (Free) content marketing strategies for affiliate marketing.

Keep reading and learn how to drive the (Free) traffic that results in sales and earning commissions.

With affiliate marketing, you need to understand that there is a lot more to it than flooding every platform on Earth with affiliate links!

You need another sharable URL other than your affiliate link that redirects to the affiliate offer.

But you also need the kind of traffic (visitors) that will be interested in your affiliate product.

Affiliate marketing through content marketing strategies is a process, and a rather time-consuming one.

3 Content Marketing Strategies to Generate Online Sales.

All 3 of these content marketing strategies are completely free to use. All it requires is quite a bit of effort from your side.

Especially when you’re just getting started.

There is more than enough “traffic” on the internet. The “trick” is to “step in front of the traffic” with a proper landing or bridge page.

You want to stop looking for the traffic to generate sales and use a method to just step in front of the traffic. AKA, your content marketing strategy!

Without some form of landing page and/or bridge page, making money online as an affiliate marketer is not possible (in my opinion).

Affiliate Marketing Sales Conversion through Leveraging Content Marketing.

Above you will see a screenshot from one of my affiliate accounts. Just to give you a better idea of realistic expectations.

From 2065 hops only 1% converted into sales. Yes, only 1% and even that is quite high.

You need both the volume and quality of visitors to generate sales, be it with affiliate marketing, content marketing, or any other means you choose.

In order to get interested visitors, you must learn how to create curiosity by offering useful content and value.

Among the best content marketing strategies you will find the following;

View the examples to get a better idea about content layout and the particular content marketing strategy.

Free Or Paid PLR Products As Incentives! (EXAMPLE)

Google Quiz Sites To Create Curiosity! (EXAMPLE)

A YouTube Channel Without Creating Videos! (EXAMPLE)

You MUST realise that making money online as an affiliate marketer requires a lot of hard work.

Creating sites, mastering content strategies and exploring content marketing techniques.

Generating sales as an affiliate marketer will not come from flooding social networks with random affiliate offers.

Putting These Content Marketing Strategies Together.

Putting Your Money Making Content Strategy for Affiliate Marketing Together.

Using Free Or Paid PLR Products As Incentives.

You start by creating free blogs with WordPress, Google Blogger, and/or Wix.

But you also want to look at PLR sites like IDPLR and Indigitalworks. You will be posting product reviews on your new blog and giving away free stuff!

You then create product reviews as blog posts (as seen in the examples above) where you offer a free giveaway (PLR — Private label Rights) bundle.

Your visitor will get 6 (or whatever number of free giveaways you choose) free video courses, free eBooks, or Article Packs for making a purchase.

You want to focus on affiliate products with a money-back guarantee because that sets your visitor’s mind at ease. We call it a safety net, as it were.

There are several kinds of PLR products. You need to familiarise yourself with the different PLR licenses to know what you can offer as a free gift and which you cannot.

Building Google Quiz Sites To Create Curiosity.

Google sites is another great tool to create bridge pages. But creating quiz sites adds more interest and creates curiosity.

Google Quiz Sites mean you will be using gifs to demonstrate suggest something relevant to a certain topic.

Like an answer to a question, for instance, you MUST keep your visitor entertained!

Creating multiple pages and links with Google sites is how you redirect to “the next question” in the “quiz”.

Or the “next step” in the content marketing strategy.

But you NEVER redirect to an affiliate offer directly from any gifs you use.

You cannot just use any content and/or material and redirect to an affiliate offer. That is not “how it’s done”.

You always redirect to the next page, and from there to an affiliate offer.

Always remember that a curios audience is an active audience!

Creating A YouTube Channel Without Creating Videos.

Creating a YouTube Channel is the easy part. Having competitive content not so much.

But why do you want to create videos when there are thousands of videos you are allowed to use as an affiliate marketer?!

Through the YouTube filter, you can access affiliate product review videos with creative commons licenses.

This means you are allowed to use that video to promote the particular affiliate product.

But DO NOT promote a different affiliate product to the one as reviewed in the video. You promote the product as reviewed in the video.

You also want to create attention-grabbing thumbnails, for which you can use a tool called Canva.

Some videos with the creative commons license may come with minor requirements.

Some videos you are allowed to use, but all the video adds revenue will go to the video creator.

Making Money on YouTube Without Creating Any Videos!

When downloading YouTube videos, you need to be careful because you cannot just download and use any video.

Avoid any content rights violations and/or copyright violations. And there is a way to do just that!

Now You Have The Bridge Pages and Videos, Now What?

Well, now you will need traffic so your marketing strategy can generate sales. There are several ways to do this.

Because now it is a lot easier to get exposure to URLs other than affiliate links. You have free blog URLs, Google Site URLs, and YouTube video URLs.

All of these are accepted anywhere on the internet. But always keep moderation and timing in mind.

Just blindly sharing a Google Site URL to hundreds of groups, pages, spaces, answers, and sites may get your URL flagged as spam.

12 Of the Best Places and Sites to Share your Bridge Page URL!

1. Quora Spaces.

2. Facebook Groups.

3. Facebook Pages.

4. Medium.

5. MeWe.

6. Gab.

7. LinkedIn Groups.

8. Reddit.

9. Pinterest.

10. Twitter.

11. TikTok.

12. Instagram.

You want to create your own spaces, groups, and pages because that is how you build recognition and trust.

Yes, that is how much work it is to generate a sustainable passive income with affiliate marketing online!

Especially when you’re on a tight budget and don’t have money to spend like the super successful affiliate marketers.


In order to make money online as an affiliate marketer, you need quality content and a content marketing strategy.

In fact, a few content marketing strategies need to be in place to actually make money online.

Bridge pages are necessary because you cannot (MUST NOT) share raw affiliate links directly. You MUST have a “middle man”.

On a tight budget especially, it is best to grow your own giant online audiences and communities. It also builds trust and recognition.

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AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: To maintain transparency, bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you go through them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. In all honesty, I link these companies and their products because of their quality. Not only because of the commission I receive from your purchases. But also, because I find these valuable and proven tools because I can assure you, I have tested and thoroughly researched everything I intend to promote. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you. All offers come with a full money-back guarantee. Ranging from a refund period of 2 weeks to 60 days depending on the product.




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Deon Christie (DCM)

Deon Christie (DCM)

Blogger — Writer — Research Junkie— Marketer — Visit Our Blog And Also Listen 2 Posts About Effective Marketing Strategies! https://easyinternetmoneyandjobs.com

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