6 Refreshing Alternatives to Mainstream Social Media and Viral Traffic!

A Combined 950 Million Alternative Viral Visitor Volume!

Refreshing alternatives to mainstream social media.

Why Would you want to Explore Outside Mainstream Social Media?

Perhaps you would want to do that, considering how effective it is using just Medium and Quora alone. In my opinion, mainstream social media is flooded with visitors.

It is equally flooded with marketers, increasing the competition exponentially. There are alternative sites to mainstream social media that may not have the visitor volumes to compare.

With mainstream social media, chances are that whatever you are trying to promote is already all over the platform. People may have seen that exact same product so many times, that they are no longer interested in even looking at it.

But you may find it quite surprising how much more engagement your content attracts on these alternative sites. Because what you are trying to promote, may not have been presented to the audience yet.

Or the majority of them have not been introduced to your offer yet.

Exploring outside mainstream social media has seen tremendous growth in my followers, reads, conversion, comments, shares, and the list goes on.

Especially on Medium and Quora and combining the two with a special technique I have been testing.

Needless to say, with unbelievable results. But as with anything else, or any other platform you use. The quality of your content is ultimately responsible for conversion and reaction thereto.

But you can read all about that on the Medium post covering the method in more detail.

My results Exploring Outside Mainstream Social Media!

To give you an idea, my Medium content views went from as little as 9 views per day to almost 300 views per day.

Medium growth through combining Quora and Medium.

While Quora went from a couple of thousand content views right up to the millions mark. Truly surprisingly refreshing and effective. Especially when you redirect your answers to your Medium posts. Growing both platforms together.

Reaching millions of content views on Quora.

The 950 Million Visitor Alternative to Mainstream Social Media!

The 6 sites mentioned below (my favourites still being Quora and Medium) may provide you with a better chance for growth.

Although I have to admit, I am still working on building up the audiences with Gab, MeWe, Bitchute, and Rumble.

But we are also going to look at a method to make money with Rumble by getting paid for clicks. Without making a single video. Because you will be using videos through filtering YouTube videos with the creative commons attribute.

These high-quality videos can be used and published on your YouTube / Rumble / Bitchute video platforms.

1. Medium.

2. Gab.

3. MeWe.

4. BitChute.

5. Rumble.


You may be familiar with Quora and Medium, but perhaps not the other 4. In a nutshell, Gab and MeWe can be compared with sites like Facebook and Twitter. While Bitchute and Rumble are video platform alternatives to YouTube.

The technique to access videos on YouTube and reuse them on YouTube if you like, or, upload them to Rumble and Bitchute is covered in another Medium post I published a while ago.

Once you found the videos under the creative commons filter on YouTube, you may also want to convert said video files for better clarity for instance. That is done with a tool called the YouTube Downloader.

How to Use Rumble and Get Paid Without Making Videos!

With Rumble, you can create multiple channels, kind of like YouTube. But with Bitchute you can only create a single channel (on a free account).

Creating multiple channels on Bitchute will require you to upgrade to a Pro account.

So, take your time to create a channel on a topic that get searched a lot on the internet. With Rumble, you create your channels, and then upload your “Creative Commons” videos to your channels.

The more views you get, the more money you can make.

Simply Create Your Account on Rumble and Take Your Time to get to know your way around the platform.

Rumble pays you for views right from the start, your account does not have to be monetized first like with YouTube. Although your views need to reach a couple of thousand views before it will be profitable enough.

But still, a 100% free way to make a little money on the side.

But there is also an affiliate opportunity with Rumble because you will be provided with your referral link to attract more people to Rumble.

That way you can earn by both referring other people, and by getting paid for clicks on your videos you get at no cost from YouTube.

If you enjoyed this article, leave a comment and/or ask me anything. Let’s see if my knowledge can help you succeed online.

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AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: To maintain transparency, bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you go through them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. In all honesty, I link these companies and their products because of their quality. Not only because of the commission I receive from your purchases. But also because I find these valuable and proven tools because I can assure you, I have tested and thoroughly researched everything I intend to promote. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you. All offers come with a full money-back guarantee. Ranging from a refund period of 2 weeks to 60 days depending on the product.




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Deon Christie (DCM)

Deon Christie (DCM)

Blogger — Writer — Research Junkie— Marketer — Visit Our Blog And Also Listen 2 Posts About Effective Marketing Strategies! https://easyinternetmoneyandjobs.com

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