Using Quora Spaces to Drive 900,000 Content Views Per Month!

Almost a Million Content Views per Month on Autopilot!

Quora spaces and reaching 1,000,000 content views per month.

One of the Easiest Ways to Drive Responsive Visitors!

Quora Spaces must be one of the easiest ways to drive content views in the hundreds of thousands per month. But although it may be one of the “easiest” ways to drive traffic, it does require a lot of work to set everything up.

So, please do not be misled by the word “easiest”, I am not implying instant results and/or overnight riches.

I have seen that misdirection happen and end in disappointment all too often. Now, I have discussed this technique in other articles. But with this article, I will explain the method in much more detail.

As kindly requested by my good friend Stephen Providenti. Also, one of my top and most responsive followers on both Quora and Medium.

Just under 1,000,000 content views per month.

Therefore, we are going to dive much deeper into Quora Space design. Along with a few attributions necessary to attract attention. Regardless of your niche or Quora Space topic, you want to focus on presentation.

That which your visitor sees first when opening your Quora Space.

Remember that the first impression (presentation) is what turns a click into a visitor. Then turn that visitor into a returning visitor and/or even a buyer. Although your content that follows after the presentation contributes largely to your conversion rate, or audience response rate.

The One Crucial Image and Video Design Tool you Must Have!

Before we get into the details of the technique, I strongly suggest you register a membership with Canva.

If you are not already a member, that is the tool, I personally use to design everything related to image, video, and video thumbnail design.

>> You Can Create your Free Canva Account HERE! <<

Compelling content and curious presentation are the keys to not only attracting views and visitors but also boosting conversion and audience interaction.

Always remember that a curious audience is an active audience. The kind of audience that is always waiting for your new content.

You want to attract an interested audience and therefore boost your views, follows, upvotes, and comments. Personally, I have to admit that it will eventually get to the point where you have a hard time keeping up.

As my audience grew, a lot faster than I have anticipated. I was actually forced to get a few admin people to help me keep up.

But then when you generate the money needed through hard work, that will sooner or later become a rather necessary step. Because it gets to the point where you simply cannot keep up, even if you worked non-stop for 24 hours. It can be rather exhausting, trust me.

But excitingly exhausting too.

Audience response and growing reputation.

What you need to Focus on When Creating a New Quora Space.

There are a few points to focus on, around 11 to be more specific. We will take a closer look during the course of the demonstration, so don’t stop reading just yet.

You will miss out on one of the fastest ways to get a most responsive audience, and actually generate sales.

1. Quora Space Name.

2. Space Description and Rules.

3. Quora Space URL.

4. Space Details.

5. Quora Space Icon (Logo).

6. Space Cover Photo.

7. New Submission Rules and Review Period.

8. Space Queue and Post Scheduling.

9. Inviting People to Follow your Space.

10. Sharing Your Space on Quora and Other Major Networks.

11. Pinned Post/Answer redirecting to a High-Quality Medium Post.

1 — Quora Space Name — Do some research and focus on the most searched phrases, questions and/or answers on Quora. Then decide on a name that will resemble those preferences.

It is also a good idea to focus the keywords on a specific need within your niche/topic.

2 — Space Description and Rules — This is really important (along with all 12 of these points) because your audience must know what the space is about. But they must also know what will not be tolerated.

Personally, my rules include that all Binary and/or Bitcoin Trading and Dating posts will get you blocked from my spaces. Below is an example of the space rules I personally apply.

You may choose to include your own, this illustration serves only as an indication.

Quora space details example.

3 — Quora Space URL — This is automatically added by Quora and will basically look something like this (space name. quora. com). Now you may want to exclude any English Stop Words, like “and” for instance.

While I have to admit that some of my spaces do include words like and. I neglected to change that on the URL before launching.

4 — Space Details — As illustrated below, you want to include an image prompting your visitor to read the pinned post. Which may be a pot, or an answer redirecting to a Medium post related to the topic and/or answer.

English Stop Words plays an important role in Google Ranking when it comes to Titles. And remember that your Quora content has the added advantage of being indexed in search engines.

Also include when the space was launched, and who it belongs to, with a welcome message and perhaps a link to your Medium profile. As for affiliate marketing, you want to create a Google site/ Google Quiz Site to promote affiliate offers.

Then include that in the space description too. A good dimension for these 2 images will be 550 x 150.

But you can also include a YouTube video you own also redirecting to your affiliate offer in the video description. By simply entering the video URL, Quora will automatically display the video thumbnail.

Quora space descriptions and promotional tactics.

5 — Quora Space Icon — Also known as the space Logo and a preferred image dimension is 500 x 500. As with everything else, the logo must indicate exactly what the space is about. Be specific in your design

6 — Space Cover Photo — The space cover image must be of a 5:1 ratio, and 1000 x 200 works rather well. But all images must be downloaded as a PNG file to boost resolution and clarity.

As with the space logo, the cover image must also indicate precisely what your space is about.

7 — Submission Rules and Review Period — To the bottom of your settings window in Quora Spaces you will see “New Submissions”. This is where you include a short message as illustrated below, along with your suggested review period ranging from 1–30 days.

Personally, mine is set at 30 days. Because with multiple spaces it will be near impossible to review everyone’s post within a day. Be careful here, because when the review time expires, the post will be automatically declined.

This may result in people losing interest to post on your space.

Setting up new submissions on your Quora space.

8 — Space Queue and Post Scheduling — Quora Spaces also gives you the opportunity to schedule posts for your spaces from other Quora writers. Access this by simply clicking on the “Inbox” section just below your space admin dashboard.

A window will open that shows Submissions and Suggestions. Suggestions will provide you with a list by Quora on suggested posts.

If your space is fairly new, it may take some time before you have submissions from other Quora members. With suggested posts, you may want to focus on the author's time on Quora, where they are from and the number of content views.

Quora members with a high content view count (in the Millions) are much less likely to post spam content.

Identifying professional profiles on Quora.

Setting up your Quora post scheduling frequency etc. is done by clicking on the “Queue” tab on the admin dashboard. But please do not schedule ridiculous amounts of posts a few minutes apart.

I chose to schedule 10 posts, every hour from 9 am — 7 pm. Basically one post per hour.

Post scheduling on Quora.

9 — Inviting People to Follow your Space — Inviting people to follow your space is done by clicking on the “Invite” tab just beneath the space cover photo. Where you will have the following options to invite “as” a Follower, Contributor, Moderator, or an Admin.

When you do decide to invite people as Contributors, Moderators, and/or Admin be very careful. Just inviting anyone may often result in inexperienced writers spamming your space.

Personally, my own spaces require at least 30 approved posts to be considered as a contributor. While over 200 approved posts are required to be considered as an Admin.

10 — Sharing your Space on Quora and other Major Networks — You will see the 3 dots in the right-hand side corner just beneath your Quora Space cover photo. Click on that and you will have an option to share on Facebook, Twitter, and even WhatsApp.

But you can also copy the link to your space from there.

Sharing your space on the Quora home feed will be presented as one of the steps to complete when creating your space. Therefore, first, ensure that your space is 100% completed and presentable.

Sharing your Quora space on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

11 — Pinned Post/Answer redirecting to a High-Quality Medium Post — Create a high-quality informative post to your space and use the H1 header and other editing options provided by Quora. Located at the bottom of the provided window to create a post.

Alternatively, you can also include an answer you wrote on Quora, but again, directly related to and offering more value to the topic/discussion.

Creating a pinned post or answer on Quora spaces.

When you do that, it means that every new visitor to your space will see that pinned post first. When your presentation is compelling, it is a great way to redirect interested audiences to your pinned post and ultimately affiliate offer.

More examples and accessing a more detailed Guide to Quora Spaces.

If you need first-hand examples of Quora spaces and how these 12 key points are implemented, feel free to visit my Quora Profile. Then just expand the profile by clicking on “more” in blue brackets to the right-hand side of my profile description summary.

That will give you access to my blogs, YouTube channels, and currently 47 Quora Spaces and counting. Because I am aiming at reaching 100 Quora Spaces by the end of 2022.

Quora also has an optional paid membership for $5 per month. In my opinion, $5 is well spent. And is indicated by a red star on your profile image.

Kind of like Medium, where the partner program also cost you $5. Those are the Medium profiles with the green ring around them. They are paid subscriber profiles and enjoy more benefits and options, as does Quora.

In conclusion to Quora Spaces and Millions of Content Views.

Presentation, design, and informative and valuable content play a major part in creating curiosity and growing audiences. So, take your time and complete all the steps carefully to provide your audience with just that.

Build your reputation and audience by offering value and being actively involved. Like your audience’s posts, respond to comments and express gratitude for shares and responses to your content and/or spaces.

Apart from high-quality content, audience engagement plays a big role in keeping your audience occupied. Give Quora and Medium your maximum effort, and the rewards will be well worth the effort, trust me.

But you can clearly see that in the illustrations provided.

If you enjoyed this article, leave a comment and/or ask me anything. Let’s see if my knowledge can help you succeed online. You may also want to check out the link below and learn from one of my favourite online entrepreneurs!

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AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: To maintain transparency, bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you go through them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. In all honesty, I link these companies and their products because of their quality. Not only because of the commission I receive from your purchases. But also because I find these valuable and proven tools because I can assure you, I have tested and thoroughly researched everything I intend to promote. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you. All offers come with a full money-back guarantee. Ranging from a refund period of 2 weeks to 60 days depending on the product.




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